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About our Honey
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About us
Who are we?

We are a ethically and morally focused business established by founders who all have a deep relationship with work in Humanitarian Aid.

About our Honey

Where is your Honey from?

We source all of our Honeys from the Mountain ranges of Turkey, we have a trusted network of Bee keepers who undergo  stringent testing and analysis both by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and UK customs.

How can I authenticate your Honey?

Our Honey is 100% Pure and Raw and we can provide all Health certificates and analysis results upon request.

Do you heat treat and filter your Honey?
No, we are careful to ensure that there is no pasteurisation and heat treating as is practiced by most Honey sellers so as to make the Honey more aesthetically pleasing.

Also we do not use micro filters, however any unwanted objects during extraction from hives such as bees or honey comb are removed.

Is your Honey 'Pure' and 'Organic'?
All of Mountain Honeys range is Pure, Raw and Natural.  There are no additives or chemicals and we abide by organic principles.

Our Honeys are sourced from Organic farms however they are not accredited as this is not something which is common practice in Turkey and it is difficult to verify those with certificates.

What is the average expected best by date?

Natural Honey if kept in the right conditions will stay consumable for many years, due to legislation we are obliged to place a 2 year expiry date from date of packaging.

About my order
How long will delivery of my order take?
We aim to have your Honey with you by 3-4 working days,

International delivery can take from 7-14 days, please exclude weekends and bank holidays.

Where is my order shipped from?

Your order is dispatched from our warehouse in London, for orders within a 2 mile radius you can request free drop off.

Can I collect to save on postage costs?

Yes, place your order online and select collection. After confirming your order you will be given more information on where and how to arrange collection

There is a mistake with my order/or it is damaged.

We take the utmost care when packaging your goods so they are protected whilst in transit, if in the instance there are any mistakes or breakage please email us at info@mountainhoneys.com within 24 hours of receipt so we can resolve the issue promptly.

How can I track my order?
Once you have completed checkout we will promptly process your order and email you with a tracking number.

Alternatively contact us at info@mountainhoneys.com and we will be happy to provide you the neccesary details.

About Wholesale/Import

Mountain Honeys can cater for wholesale orders and import, please refer to our wholesale/import page here for more information or contact us at info@mountainhoneys.com to discuss your requirements.